BrightSide TheatreNon-Profit Theater in Naperville

BrightSide Theatre, located in Naperville, Illinois, approached CueCamp to help build a modern, clean and responsive website that would help boost the marketing presence of their non-profit and increase sales of theater tickets.

CueCamp designed a website that had clear messaging, and clear calls to action: presenting content in a way that made sense to users and was organized in a logical manner, allowing users to easily purchase tickets for shows. The website was integrated with Vendini, BrightSide Theatre’s online ticketing system.

CueCamp focused on usability, creating a great user-experience (UX) with custom-designed page layouts and an intuitive page navigation structure. Using WordPress, the website is responsive: allowing for a great user experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Our Role:

  • Custom Website and Responsive Design
  • Integration with Third-Party Ticket Sales System
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive Design: Custom for Mobile and Desktop Users
  • Simple, Intuitive Navigation Scheme
  • Custom Images and Graphic Design
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding

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