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Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D.

Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D.

President / Founder, CueCamp

Creative Strategy, Marketing Automation, & User Experience

CueCamp is a full-service digital marketing agency that maximizes your return on investment through creative content creation. We specialize in strategy, branding, web design, social media, advertising, SEO, and automation.


Identity / Branding

Using color psychology, creative content writing, and branding, our experts design content relevant to your buyers: drawing them to engage with your brand.

User Experience

Clean User Experience (UX)

We lead other firms in UX, period. Our President guides all projects: informed by his Ph.D. in user experience research and our sister company, Situated Research.

Search Engine Optimization

Social, SEO, and Advertising

Leverage social media to attract and engage customers with your brand. Boost traffic with tools like search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

Boost engagement by learning your ideal customer’s interests and buying patterns. Together, we’ll design a custom strategy to convert leads into sales.


Get a free Website Audit

Grade Your Website – get a research-driven audit of your website’s user experience (UX) to better understand its effectiveness.

News & Blog

Latest news

News, tips, and thought leadership on the latest in strategy, creative, design, social media, automation, and technology to deliver a great user experience.