Marketing Automation

Build email drip campaigns, track leads, and retarget customers using AI

Build smart processes: automate your marketing

Sick of the same old emails filling up your inbox? So are your customers. What if you could send them messaging specific to their interests, based upon their behavior?


Track User Behavior

Understanding your customers’ behavior helps you learn about their interests. This data can be leveraged to craft marketing content that engages them, specifically.


Use Lead Scoring and AI to Convert

Both emails and ads can be created that are more relevant to the interests of the individual, which will raise conversion rates.

Online Sales

Total: $789,423

Generate conversions: lead scoring & retargeting

Marketing automation becomes powerful when it combines behavioral analysis with tailored messaging to match the specific goals of your prospects.

  • Powerful software to track engagement across your website, social media, and email
  • Lead scoring shows customer engagement over time, offering tailored automation opportunities
  • Behavioral analysis offers business intelligence and retargeting / remarketing capabilities

Case Studies: Automation

digital marketing in Illinois
logo design Chicago

Big increase in interaction with prospects and a 115% increase in closed loans following a marketing partnership with CueCamp.

marketing automation Naperville
branding identity Naperville

Orbit cut $60k per year in customer support costs and boosted online interaction 12 fold following their rebranding with CueCamp.

web design agency Naperville
Naperville marketing agency

Naperville Business Network grows to over 200 members in their first year with custom branding, website and social media.

United Flexible logo
Apple creative branding
Logistics logo
Northwestern branding
Naperville Kayak logo
DARPA logo
BrightSide Theatre logo
Argonne National Laboratory logo
University of Hawaii logo
Northern Illinois University logo
john greene realtor logo
Naperville Business Network logo
Orbit Medical logo
Nourish House Calls logo
Cosi logo website design
We have worked with CueCamp for the last five years and they have become an integral business / friendship of ours. They helped us with our first website and marketing and as our business grew and changed directions helped us build our current website. They always take the extra time to really understand our business and the direction we are heading and tailor fit solutions that simplify what often feels like a complicated process. They consistently find ways to go at our pace and offer creative solutions that fit within our budget. I’ve recommended CueCamp to other business owners who too are very happy and have seen tremendous value in the money invested.

Troy Cooper

Owner & Founder, Naperville Kayak

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