About CueCamp

On a mission to make the web more user-friendly.

CueCamp is a full-service digital marketing firm, specializing in creating user-friendly web marketing for businesses of all sizes. We help clients maximize their marketing dollar by providing intelligent, targeted marketing to boost revenue.

13 years in business
4k+ websites improved
64% average customer growth

Fun fact:
Our founders pioneered Situated Research, ensuring good usability and user-centered design.

Since 2008, CueCamp has helped thousands of companies with their digital marketing, while aiming for the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. We believe the best digital solutions are built at the intersection of business strategy, available technology, and real users’ needs.

We thrive on generating creative business strategy and marketing plans to boost our clients’ bottom line. CueCamp’s President & Co-founder, Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D., is a published author with over 25 years of digital marketing and UX design experience. He guides the CueCamp team to create compelling marketing content with an exceptional user-experience (UX) and pixel-perfect design.

CueCamp is a full-service marketing agency, offering everything from strategy, branding, web design, data analytics, social media, and automation to maximize your ROI.

CueCamp Team

Creative minds behind businesses like yours

FOUNDER / President

Matt Sharritt, Ph.D.

Matt brings years of UX research and his Ph.D. in Communication & Information Sciences to provide clients high-value expertise on web and software design projects.

founder / vice president

Michel Ann Sharritt

Michel’s unique ability to market businesses using a combination of web design, interactive marketing, social media and marketing automation to boost ROI.


Sarah Goodfellow

Sarah leads web marketing projects utilizing the latest content management (CMS) platforms and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost organic search ranks.

interactive development

Dave Fulton

Dave takes pride in designing a clean user interface (UI) on website design projects with CueCamp, offering users a simple yet powerful user experience (UX).

user experience (UX) design

Jennifer Kania

Jennifer has a passion for user experience (UX) research and information architecture.

web development

Bret Hash

Bret has a unique eye for design, crafting stunning web marketing for our clients.

graphic design

Grace Gadzinskas

Grace uses color psychology to create clean, powerful designs to marketing projects.


Sangeon Park

Sangeon utilizes an expert understanding of the latest interactive technologies.

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So, what’s up with ‘cues’?


CueCamp’s name…

is based on the concept of social cues. A ‘cue’ is “a feature of something perceived that is used in the brain’s interpretation of the perception.” In other words, a cue offers both context for understanding and a nudge for a related action: which is very important for marketing.


Our expertise

Our founders have post-graduate degrees in communication, computer science, information science, and behavioral psychology. This helps us craft targeted messaging that hits your audience at a deeper level compared with other marketing firms.


Why it matters for your business

When measuring your return on investment (ROI), marketing should generate a high multiple on spend for your business. Higher relevancy to your prospects, coupled with more powerful messaging, means you earn more business. Period.