Biotechnology start-up launches strong with CueCamp.

Iris Wellness Labs, a start-up offering genetic testing through DNA analysis, utilized CueCamp’s marketing expertise to launch their brand and build a biotech website.

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Clean, Simple Design.

Simon Chin, President of Iris Biotech, hired CueCamp to help him create new marketing for a sister company he created called Iris Wellness Labs. Working together, CueCamp helped create fresh marketing content and a new biotech website for Iris Wellness Labs.


Communicating the Complex, Clearly on a biotech website.

Special focus was put on usability and the design of effective marketing to communicate clearly to new customers of Iris Wellness Labs. CueCamp implemented a one-page design with sections to clearly outline the services and goals of the new company. Important for technical and biotech websites, usability and ease of use are top priority for clear brand messaging.


E-Commerce Integration.

Iris Wellness Labs allows customers to register for testing online, and CueCamp integrated payment processing so that customers could pay for their testing online. A simple, easy-to-use checkout system was designed for high conversion rates.

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Simplifying the complex.

Being a start-up, Iris Wellness Labs needed high conversion rates on their calls-to-action following an introduction to the brand. The simple one-page website navigation structure and easily-consumed content helps users develop a comfort with the brand despite the complexity of the services being offered.

  • Custom Designed and Branded Website

  • WordPress Content Management (CMS)

  • WooCommerce / E-Commerce and Payment Gateway

Clear messaging for a biotechnology company offering DNA analysis.


Lead generation, check.

A simple, secure contact form was designed for users to reach out with questions, followed by a means of registering for DNA testing using the integrated e-commerce platform. Social media integration allowed for social media marketing integration, helping to successfully launch Iris Wellness Labs.

  • E-Commerce Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Simple, Secure Contact Form

Capture website leads with simple forms to lower abandonment rates.



Successful launch of a biotechnology start-up.

Iris Wellness Labs successfully launched their biotech website, a critical piece of their small business. The marketing expertise of CueCamp led to clear messaging, strong branding, and social media integration. These factors helped spread the word on the advanced DNA analysis offered by Iris. In addition, good usability led to high conversion rates on the biotech website as users engaged with the clear brand messaging.

Result: A start-up biotechnology firm, Iris Wellness Labs, successfully launches their brand and gains new subscribers to their DNA testing services.

Custom branding, UX, and marketing did the trick.


Marketing Strategy

Craft a unique brand message that is relevant to your clients’ needs.


User-Centered Design

Build marketing materials that are clean, focused, and grab attention.


Marketing Automation

Drive engagement with behavior-based strategies to convert leads.

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