CueCamp helps fundraising efforts for Naperville charity

CueCamp, a Naperville web design agency, designs a pro-bono website to boost fundraising efforts for the Hobson Oak project. In turn, funds help the Naperville Parks Foundation support outdoor recreation among children from low-income families.

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Cool Story, Great Cause.

The Hobson Oak project is a charitable project involving a 250 year old bur oak tree that stood along Hobson Road in Naperville. The tree was a landmark in Naperville since pre-settlement days. Due to decay, the tree was carefully cut down in 2016. Following, the Naperville Parks Foundation stepped in to preserve wood from the tree.

Afterwards, local artisans crafted art from the wood with the aim of auctioning products for charity. In addition, a local Naperville web design agency (CueCamp) created a beautiful new website. In turn, the website shows the history of the Hobson Oak and resulting charitable fundraising efforts.


Local Press to Boost Awareness.

The website elegantly displays the artwork and related efforts resulting from the wood of the Hobson Oak. For instance, local artisans built custom guitars, bowls, and furniture. Overall, fundraising efforts were very successful in the community.

To generate interest, CueCamp (a Naperville web design agency) built a beautiful website featuring great imagery and a clean design, which gave credibility to the project. Likewise, participation increased in charitable auctions.


Powerful Calls to Action.

CueCamp focused on usability to build a great user-experience (UX) with clean page layouts. In addition, the website’s intuitive organizational structure makes it simple to navigate.

Using WordPress, the website features a responsive design. Therefore, a great user experience is offered across both desktop and mobile devices.

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Fundraising efforts help several charities.

CueCamp, a web design agency in Naperville, built the website pro bono. Resulting funds raised from the project benefit the Naperville Parks Foundation and the following partner charities:

  • Loaves and Fishes

  • 360 Youth Services

  • Edward Foundation

Support was given to several local charities.


Wait, they made a craft beer from the tree?

One of the charitable projects resulting from the Hobson Oak was a beer crafted by Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville. Also, wood from the legacy DuPage County tree was crafted into art. For example, local artists made furniture, art, and guitars from the wood of the tree. Likewise, beer crafted from the tree’s wood chips was a popular fundraising success.

The website shows creative projects for desktop and mobile users.



Powerful marketing supports a great cause.

In line with the project’s community focus, it made sense for a Naperville web design agency to support marketing efforts. The Hobson Oak website was created on WordPress, and includes a powerful content management system (CMS). Therefore, board members can add and edit website content with ease.

In conclusion, awareness is raised for Naperville charity with proceeds from the Hobson Oak project increasing by 40%.

Custom branding, social media, and web marketing did the trick.


Website Architecture

Organize content so it is relevant and easy to find for users.


User-Centered Design

Marketing materials that are clean, focused, and garner attention.


Marketing Strategy

Community engagement with great content to generate awareness.

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