Naperville yoga & reiki instructor fills classes with CueCamp.

Using a combination of a new website and social media marketing, Sacred Breath advertises its Naperville wellness classes that teach yoga and reiki.

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Strong digital presence draws in new clients.

Led by a Naperville wellness instructor, Kristen Kainrath, Sacred Breath was created with several purposes in mind. First, general information is provided to educate those new to yoga and reiki, helping to encourage participation. Second, local classes and events are provided, so that local participants can register for Naperville wellness events. Kristen needed assistance building her website, while creating strong ties with her social media marketing efforts.

When I say CueCamp changed our lives, it is no exaggeration. Two years ago we had our blog site designed by them. This website has opened up more financial and travel opportunities than we could have ever imagined. CueCamp’s professionalism is beyond exceptional. Day or night, Michel responds within minutes to the probably way too many questions I have pertaining to our new website. She is always accessible and completely knowledgeable no matter what I ask. The thought and expertise that went into designing our website were beyond my expectations. CueCamp far surpassed each and every criteria I could imagine. They put so much thought and effort into creating something that is perfectly aligned with our travel blogging business. They have met with us on the spur of the moment if there was something we could not figure out. Honestly, they have transformed our business to something we are tremendously proud of and is growing and succeeding every day. We owe it all to them. Thank you so much! We are extremely grateful for your knowledge, accessibility, creativity, personal care and insight!

Kristen Kainrath

— Founder, Sacred Breath

Integrated marketing:
website|class registration|social media

Digital marketing content across the website and social media help users to learn about yoga and reiki classes that are being held locally, and what to expect when attending a class. In addition, users can follow social media channels to see recent events or to register for upcoming classes. CueCamp helped to build synergy between the website, social media, and in-person events to help grow the business.


Social media integration with website content.

Kristen Kainrath of Sacred Breath wanted to gain attendance at Naperville wellness classes, retreats, book studies, and circles, which all aim to connect the mind, body, and spirit in consciousness. CueCamp helped achieve this goal by uniting website and social media content so they were closely integrated. This helped advertise content, and inform those new to yoga and reiki. This created seamless integration between marketing on social media, the website, and the registration system: resulting in increased business.

  • Instagram & Facebook integration
  • Recent events and upcoming classes
  • Integration with class registration system

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