Turning Social Media Fans into Paying Clients

In today’s world social media is everywhere. Anyone can post an opinion or comment about a business online on their social media fan page. We follow our friend’s and see what businesses they frequent, and why. When we see a bad review or comment, we stop and question if we should continue using that business.

With so much happening on social media platforms, businesses would be out of touch if they didn’t pay attention to what people were saying about them online. Accordingly, learning to turn those social media fans into paying clients (and keep them engaged) is extremely important.

Social Media Fan Pages

The first step though is to make sure that your business has a good online presence through social media and your company website. All social media fan pages and platforms that your business uses need to have compelling and useful information to gain social media fans and followers.

At CueCamp, we teach our clients to learn how the sales funnel works. We take our clients through each step of the sales funnel starting with inbound marketing and work our way down to a sale.

Inbound marketing begins with establishing social media profiles on platforms that will work for your type of business in order to start engagement with potential customers. Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that they have to be on every popular platform. They believe the more platforms they are on the more people they will reach. This could not be further from the truth.

We guide our clients and show them how to conduct market research for their industry to figure out what platforms would be beneficial for their business. Some businesses would do well on Instagram, where it would not make sense for another type of business.

Social Media Fan Pages / Platforms

After we help our clients to figure out what social platforms to utilize, we then collaborate to create strong profiles and content to post on those platforms. We look at what the competition is posting, what people are talking about online, and what is trending in your industry. Our marketing team then creates content (videos, blog posts, posts, etc.) to then be posted on these chosen platforms.

The next step in the sales funnel is your company website. All of the traffic that you drum up from your social media platforms will then be taken to your company website. This is where they will learn more about your company, offerings, and services. The best way to get people to your website is through landing pages and blog posts.

Once you have established traffic to your site you can then start making direct contact with your potential customers and finally create a sale.

Where to Start

The best way to start the sales funnel is to figure out which social media fan pages or platforms will work for your type of business. As a general guideline for our clients, we start with a Facebook company social media fan page. Facebook is the ultimate tool to increase visibility in your target market and engage in a relationship with your customers. With over 1.23 billion active users, Facebook is a great place to start.

There are many ways to start engaging potential customers on Facebook. Our team helps businesses figure out what to post and when to post to attract new customers and social media fans. Every business is different, which is why we tailor every marketing plan to fit our clients specific needs. But the only way to get started is to have a solid Facebook company fan page.

Free Fan Page

CueCamp offers free custom Facebook fan pages for new clients. Our marketing team will help generate more potential customers talking about your business with a custom designed and professionally marketed Facebook page. Our social media experts do it all for you! They create a page that is all about you and your business, and then help to build your social media fan base to get the conversation going.

If you don’t have a Facebook fan page or are not happy with what you have now, our team will build a page that gets you a following. Next, we will professionally market your new Facebook page to get you likes, targeting people who will be interested in your business. Finally, we keep these new social media fans interested and talking about your business by frequently updating your content and creating new marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in a Free custom Facebook fan page then contact us today on www.cuecamp.com. Next, we will continue the conversation and talk about the following step in the sales funnel, your website. How can you build traffic and turn those visitors into paying customers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Written by: Michel Ann Sharritt, CueCamp

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