Tips: What to Look for in a Web Developer

Many small businesses are trying to get a good deal when looking for a web developer. However, a good deal can come with a huge price to pay. Many web developers simply want to collect a big check in order to slap something up on the Internet. The problem with this is:

  • Ends up costing you more because the site will need to be redone
  • Ends up wasting your time trying to find someone else who can fix their mistake
  • At some point you will realize that the traffic to your site is limited and that the site is not helping bring in business at all. If anything it is reflecting business onto other companies in your industry

What to look for when trying to find a web developer? Make sure that you check out their website first. Check for:

  • Functionality: Look to make sure all their links work; look for photos that take too long to load; look for the overall feel of the site (are the colors hard to view the site, is the text hard to read, etc.)
  • Professional: Look to make sure that the site is professional and exceptional. A web design company should always make every effort to impress clients on their own website. Look for: photos are clean with no pixilation problems, text is easy to read (not blurry), content makes sense (no spelling errors), pertinent information is listed on their site (not too wordy)
  • Past Clients: Make sure that past clients are listed somewhere on their site. Take the time to look over the client’s websites; this is a representation of their work. Do the client’s examples meet the above criteria? Call up the clients and ask about their experience with the company.
  • Call past clients: You want to get a feel for what this company is like to work with. Ask questions like:
    – Did the company complete the website by the deadline as promised?
    – Was there a contract involved?
    – Was the company contacting you all of the time with questions?
    – Did the company get a good feel for what you were looking for the first time or did it take several meetings before they got it?
    – Were you happy with the product?
    – How is the company with revisions after the site is done?
    – Would you recommend this company?

Make sure to obtain a contract with a web design company before starting a project. You need to make sure that you agree with everything in the contract. If you have a question about anything ask, you do not want to find out later on when it might cost you a lot.

By following these few tips, you will ensure your company’s web site will be a great representation of what you have to offer the public. There are many more tips to follow that can help you choose a marketing company. Reach out if you have questions on how to pick the best web design and marketing company for your business.

Written By: Michel Ann Sharritt
Posted By: CueCamp

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