How to Create a Powerful Homepage for Your Website

Last week, CueCamp shared with you the do’s and don’ts of creating a user-friendly website. Today we want to share with you how to create a homepage that will not only showcase your company in a way that will sell, but will also retain your users.

CueCamp has put a list together of the top five items a powerful homepage design should have in order to retain users.

#1 Include Sharp Imagery

The images that you use on your homepage should be crisp, clear, and showcase your company in a way that embodies your brand’s vision. The images should inspire your website visitors to learn more about your company. One should remember that a website is a highly visual experience. People react to graphics and visuals differently than they do to words.

TIP: It’s also important to avoid using obvious stock photos. While sometimes useful, generic images are a dead give away that your company didn’t spend time on design.

#2 Choosing Fonts

You might not realize it, but the font you choose for your homepage has a psychological effect on your visitors and greatly influences how they feel towards your brand. Understanding your product or service is key to figuring out what font to choose for your website. Always choose a font that is simple, easy to read, and reflects the personality of your business culture.

TIP: Avoid using too many different fonts on your homepage; you want the homepage to have a feel of cohesion and uniformity.

#3 Use of Color

In the same way that your fonts have a psychological effect on your users, your color scheme affects how users interpret and engage with your website. Not only can a poor choice of color send users away, it affects how you communicate your brand to the public. Incorporating too many colors will confuse your branding, while the wrong colors will make the wrong impression.

TIP: Always choose colors for your website that are welcoming and true to your brand. It is always best to start with the colors that are used within your company logo. It helps to keep branding consistent throughout the website.

#4 Keep it Simple

Whenever our team designs a homepage we always look at the design like we are the user coming to the website for the first time. What impression do you want to give? What items need to be front and center?

The mistake that many designers make is adding tons of widgets, calls-to-action, links and other clutter that can distract or overwhelm the user. Ultimately the user is going to get confused and leave the website.

Here are a few design tips for keeping your homepage simple:

  • Use easy-to-read text
  • Provide plenty of white space
  • Clearly label the different sections of your website (don’t make users hunt for info)
  • Do not clutter up your homepage with ads, links, calls-to-action, or pop-up chat boxes

#5 Establish Your Identity

You want your website to make a statement about what your company is all about. This is probably the #1 most important part of your homepage design. Too many times, your homepage is designed with too many goals in mind. Creating a unique design, including an interesting logo and memorable look for your homepage, is important in retaining users and encouraging them to return to your site in the future.

Your homepage should:

  • Introduce your company to your website’s visitors
  • Provide them with clear paths to other pages on your site
  • Give them a strong sense of your company’s brand and identity

Your homepage design is undoubtedly an important part of both your website and your company’s success. From immediately appealing to your visitors, to providing them with a user-friendly navigation experience, your homepage is the portal through which they can discover your company and ultimately, your brand.

We hope that this article helped to inspire your company to re-examine your company homepage. In the meantime, if you would like your website reviewed, please visit CueCamp and request your free marketing analysis video. You will receive a 5-10 minute video that analyzes the usability and marketing effectiveness of your website, delivered within 48 hours.


Written by: Michel Sharritt
Posted by: CueCamp

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