Setting Your Business Website Apart From the Competition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned with helping to raise your website on a list of returned results when people perform a search for your business. In other words, when customers search on Google for a business like yours, how far down the list will your business appear? The closer to the top, the more likely potential customers are to visit your website.

Avoid web design companies that promise you they can get your site to appear first in online searches. Google uses complex formulas that take online reputation and many other factors into consideration to determine rank. However, there are several things that can be done to improve the rank of your website on search engines.

Keyword Strategies

  • Embedding keywords: these are hidden from the end-user, and reside in the  “code” of your website. They tell search engines about your website and business. When picking keywords, try to imagine what others will type as a search query when they are looking you up.
  • Content-specific keywords / wording: Search engines also “read” intelligently the information you present on your website. Therefore, the keywords that you believe are important (those that people looking for your business might type into Google) should appear frequently in your website copy (the wording you choose for your new website).

CueCamp makes use of many specialized techniques that can raise your rank within Internet searches (like Google or Yahoo). We will submit your new website to search engines so they can read the content of your business website. Also, we suggest asking others to link to your site from theirs (this will raise your reputation with Google). Search engines track “inbound” links to your website: they see this as a sign of reputation.

Remember, raising your rank within online searches is important for business. Imagine a stack of printed brochures from different companies: people are most likely to check out what is on the top of the pile! Research has proven the fact that a higher search engine ranking will get you more site visits and more business as a result.

Building a Corporate Identity and Raising Trust

Corporate branding paints an image of your business to potential customers. Many aspects are involved: down to the shapes and colors of the objects in your logo. Many subconscious feelings and messages can be associated with the design of your business logo, the design of your website, and the content that you present. The length of your content, the type of your content (text, images, videos), and the nature of the interactions that your site creates will serve to both introduce potential clients to your products and give them an idea about how you do business. CueCamp specializes in helping you think outside the box to create marketing that shows the full extent of your business’s capabilities and creative services.

Why Usability Matters

Usability refers to the degree to which simplicity, functionality and aesthetics rule the communication on your website. Matthew Sharritt, Founder of CueCamp, has earned his Ph.D. in Communication and Information Sciences, with a focus on usability, efficient information transfer, and communication. This expertise will be put to use while creating a personalized website for your business. He will make sure that both the information presented and the overall design is very functional, simple to use, and creative. Therefore, a lasting good impression is made on those visiting your new website.

Social Media Marketing: The Wave of the Future

Social media marketing ties your business website together with our futures-oriented approach in bringing more business to your business. Utilizing social networks can make a huge impact on your corporate branding. Also, they can easily connect you with potential customers and can assist in giving your website reputation (and raising its rank in search engines). CueCamp’s marketing expertise in social media can help you fully take advantage of the business opportunities that it provides. We offer social media marketing plans and training services as a complete package. Employing a full array of digital technologies can give you the competitive advantage and boost to business you need.

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Written by: Matthew Sharritt, Ph.D., President, CueCamp

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